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I did not win the City Council election, but it was a GREAT turnout. The First Ward was close to doubling our neighboring Ward’s voters. If you know me you know how important I believe voting to be, especially as a woman!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported me. I made a ton of new friends. I found quite a few kindred spirits. We all love living here, but recognize there are issues (in some cases generational) that need to be addressed and real lasting change needs to take place.

I hope that I helped those within our community who feel marginalized to keep voicing their concerns and keep fighting the good fight against crime and wasteful spending and protecting our historical and environmental treasures.

I hope that the businesses, who are vital to our mutual success but many of whom cannot vote, felt heard and valued the way they always should.

I hope A LOT of new energy and new ideas to address the same old problems are creeping into conversations around the Ward.

A special thanks to my girl tribe for lifting me up when people said and did unkind things and celebrating the many wins of this campaign over the last five months. I love and appreciate you.

Now on to figuring out what to do next. 🙂

Best wishes always,

Who am I? I am...


Member Historic Frenchtown Association

Former Arthritis Foundation Dir. Special Events

Former Admin. to VP Sales

Former Retail Manager

Former Grade School Teacher

Former PTA Vice President

Arthritis Foundation Volunteer

Member St. Peter’s Choir

Member Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity

Member League of Women Voters

Wife & Mother

Here are a few of the concerns we share...

Curb Wasteful Spending

St. Charles has been seriously contemplating building a
new City Hall, away from downtown, on Bangert Island
in a flood zone. This would be a huge waste of tens of
millions of our tax dollars.

Reduce Crime

There has been an alarming increase in property and
car vandalism, the homeless population and drug
activity in parts of the ward. We need to make public
safety a top priority.

Take Care of Basics

Leaning signs, damaged curbs, crumbling sidewalks
and dilapidated properties are negatively impacting
our property values and our neighborhood appeal. As
your next council person I am prepared to devote the
extra time needed to resolve this issues.

Attract New Business

370 & 94 should be recognized and developed as a
major entrance into the city. Also the loss of Frontier
IGA and lack of diverse business development severely
impacts the economic growth and well-being of Ward
1. I will work hard to bring these needs to the forefront
with the city.

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